Black Friday Deals 2019

Here are my favorite products or items that we’re buying this year with Black Friday Deals:(This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

You can check out all of these deals quickly, and check out all of the other favorites that we own and love in my Amazon Storefront page.

We love our Tuft and Needle Mattress. It’s helped so much with my bad back. I need a firm mattress and this one is great, even for me as a side sleeper. I no longer wake up with a sore back. We love it so much that we bought our 3rd Tuft and Needle Mattress for our guest room 2 weeks ago and now it’s even cheaper!


We are buying this set of Cuisinart stainless steel pans for a family member for Christmas to replace their toxic nonstick pans. Great reviews and make sure to click the coupon to save even more!


We love using Alexa Echo in our home. From playing songs, helping with spelling, entertaining my kids with jokes, setting cooking timers and easy online ordering, we can’t live without it now. Great price!


If you’re getting the Alexa Echo, you’ll want to go ahead and grab one of these Echo Dots. We have one in our basement to use as an intercom to call the kids upstairs. They also use it for all of the same perks we use the main base. You can also use it to play white noise at night time or as an alarm clock for kids. My kids love using the Dot for listening to audio books or music while cleaning their room or playing with Legos.


Instant Pot DUO 6QT is a great model and the first model that I purchased. Great for family size up to 6 people. Lowest price! 


This is a screaming deal on the Instant Pot Ultras! I have the 8QT for our family of 6 and love that it’s bigger for making large batches of soup and having leftovers the next day. This model is my preferred model because of the pressure building read out screen so that I always know where at in the process of cooking it is.


My daughter LOVES her Fitbit Versa and this new model is at such a great price!


We just bought this Fire Stick streaming media player to convert our Smart TV into one that works to play Disney+ on it. We are super excited to use the Fire Stick and it’s half off!


My girls LOVE this Revlon hair dryer styler that smooths their hair as it dries. My oldest daughter’s hair has never looked silkier since she started using this (and stole it from her younger sister).


I bought myself these Apple Airpods after my last brand of bluetooth headphones died. These are a fabulous price, about $20 cheaper than when I bought mine. Apple products hardly go on sale, so grab a pair.


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