Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Design Process FAQs

First, book a complementary 15 minute phone call with Jennie before purchasing any design services. Get to know each other, share your needs/wants for the space, your design style, budget and timeline during this call. This helps determine if Jenuine Home design services are a good fit to help you.

Initial design consultation is included in the complementary discovery call. Further communication is included in the following services:

Video Call: You get real-time help within the phone call when you book a Video Call Consultation.

e-Design Service: A video phone call will be booked after selecting this service. There is no additional fee for this call; it is part of the e-Design service. This allows Jennie to chat with you via video phone call to discuss the scope of your project. By walking through your space virtually over the phone, Jennie will be able to give you the best remote design possible for you! This video call is the foundation before creating your custom e-Design.

Full Service Design: This consultation will happen in your home so that Jennie can walk through your space with you to access your needs and wants. This takes approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the scope of your project. There is no additional fee for this service, it is part of your Full Service Design.

Flat rate services are to be paid in full before design work will begin or initial consultations scheduled.

  • e-Design Service is a flat rate of $1500 (which includes Video Call Consulation).

After doing a Video Call consultation, you can upgrade to the e-Design service if you want further assistance from the designer. Your Video Call consultation purchase ($350) will then be applied towards the purchase price of the e-Design service, if booked within 30 days.

Full Service Design is billed by the scope of each project. A retainer is required up-front before design work begins. After the Discovery Call, Jennie will send you a proposed fee based upon project hours required and the retainer amount.

After your initial design consultation, Jennie will start designing your space. This is where the fun begins! Jennie will ask for any measurements and photos she may need. Within 3-4 weeks, you will be presented with a design concept. If any revisions are necessary, they are made at this time.

Note that multiple rooms or new build design timelines will vary.

e-Design Service: Receive your final design board, including links to purchase items and detailed installation instructions. You install your design at your own pace.

Full Service Design: Receive your final design board during this meeting. Furnishing selections will be finalized and purchased in preparation for installation.

For local Full Service Design, Jennie will come to your home to do an install day at the completion of your design process. She will arrange and style your space. If desired, Jennie will present the finished installed design with a big reveal, HGTV style. She’ll work on your space while you’re away for that big surprise finish!

Now that your dream space is finished, it’s time to celebrate. Jennie will photograph (if local) or hire a photographer (if remote), to capture your room at it’s finest.

For locals, Jennie may bring in any additional styling decor & accessories for the photo shoot. If desired, you are welcome to purchase any of the additional items used, making it easy to enjoy your new finished space.

Take a breath, look around, and soak it all in. Congrats on the completion of your beautiful space!

Common Questions

Jennie loves to decorate with traditional and timeless design styles with trendy items sprinkled in.

Jennie also uses her intuitive abilities to create a curated look unique to each home and the people who dwell there. Home is meant to tell YOUR story.

Take the Design Style Quiz.

Jennie will also help you create a Pinterest board where you can start pinning things that make you swoon.

For video consults, you get immediate feedback and advice on your home during the call which you can start implementing immediately!

For e-Design, current turn-around time is about 3-4 weeks, after Jennie receives all measurements and photos of your space.

Full service design varies per scope of the project.

Working with an Intuitive Interior Designer means that you have someone who can tap into your needs and wants energetically in a holistic manner. Not only is Jennie skilled at creating beautifully designed homes but she also uses her intuitive abilities to read each home and individual/family.

This helps her curate a home design which is not only beautiful, but also energetically healing for her clients.

Working with a designer prevents costly design purchase mistakes and time wasted.

At the beginning of every project is the best time. A well-planned design, executed from the start, prevents design errors, purchase mistakes and construction mishaps. A designer saves you from losing time and money on labor or supplies.

It’s best to keep a paper trail with all of the details about your design. Email is preferred because of this; emails will be responded to the same day or following business day.

Take the Design Style Quiz.

Create a Pinterest Board with ideas related to your design project to share with Jennie.

Share your saved Instagram links, magazine clippings, screenshots, and whatever you have been collecting for inspiration.

For non-remodel design projects, plan for your budget to include furnishings and the designer fees.

Here are some furnishing estimate guides to use as a starting point:

For remodel design projects, plan for your budget to include:

  • Designer Fees
  • Contractor Fees
  • Permit Fees
  • Finishes (tile, flooring, light fixtures, plumbing, hardware, paint, etc)
  • Furnishings
  • And a little extra for unforeseen things that may come up during the project