Intuition Course

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to develop your intuition?

You know things you can’t quite explain.

You feel, see or hear things that are beyond surface level.

You know things in your heart but can’t always prove it with your brain/logic. Yet, they turn out to be true.

You have a hard time trying to talk to others about this because not everyone gets it.

You’re tired of small talk and love deep soul connections with others and making a real difference in their lives.

You want a safe place to learn more about what all of this means from someone you can trust.

You’ve been looking for a way to practice with other like minded souls who are real, every day normal people who are also experiencing these sensitivities and capabilities.

Intuition Course

Sundays 7-9PM MDT.

January 7th – January 28th, 2024 (4 weekly online live classes)

Learn how intuition works and discern how it shows up specifically for you.

Discover your unique gifts and develop them even further. It’s common to discover that you have more gifts than you realize!

Develop your abilities and deepen your intuition with practice sessions in a safe, high vibrational, trust worthy environment in our private virtual classroom.

This class is for you if you:

  • Are an empath or highly sensitive person
  • Seek to understand yourself and your sensitivities
  • Want to know how to protect your energy so you aren’t feeling drained, anxious or overwhelmed from the world around you
  • Need tools to help you ground, reset, clear, manifest, heal your energy
  • Desire a community of other like minded souls to learn and share with
  • Learn how to visit your sacred space
  • Want to know which spiritual/psychic gifts you already have
  • Want to meet your spirit guides/guardians
  • Discover how to astral travel
  • Learn how to body scan and intro to healing
  • Discover emotional blockages and how to release them


Sundays, 7-9 PM MDT

January 7th – January 28th, 2024

(4 weekly online live classes)


Intuition Course PARTICIPANTS