What is Intuitive Interior Design?


Intuitive Interior Design

One thing which sets me apart from other designers, is my process of “Intuitive Interior Design”. I use my intuitive ability to sense things about you, your home and your circumstances, which guide me to create your custom design. 

Each of us has an energetic and emotional connection to our surroundings. Using my intuitive gifts, I help create a space which resonates with you. We can all raise our vibrations through our surroundings, if done correctly. Each and every person and home are different, requiring a custom design unique to you.

I can work with you from a distance, if you’re not local to Colorado Springs, Colorado. First, we will have an initial discovery phone consultation to find out if we are a good fit for one another. Then we will schedule a video phone call tour of your space so that I can get a feel of your home, energy and your desired outcome. Then, I will do a reading for you and your home.

During a home reading, I will pick up on:

  • Where there are energetic blockages in the home, including any negative energy or impairments of flow and function.
  • If there are energetic blockages or wounds within you and the root causes.
  • How a designated space is working or not working for you and why.
  • What you need in a space to heal anything that’s going on within you, such as trauma, grief, healing or restorative care.
  • Design solutions which will amplify your creativity, productivity and abundance, as well as help you light a fire of excitement for your life.

After the home reading, I get to work creating solutions for your custom design plan. You will receive a bespoke concept board for furniture, drapery, rugs, lighting, accessories and paint color suggestions. I will help you discover what it is that helps you thrive: which inspiring colors your soul needs, healing textures for comfort and styles that feel genuine to you – not just the latest trend. I will help you achieve a timeless and authentic look for your space.

Once I get your approval of the design board, I will then create detailed installation and layout instructions if you choose the eDesign service. Your design plan will come with source links for all items so that you can purchase and install on your own.

If you choose the full intuitive design service (Colorado local only), then I will come to your home to install the design, style everything and do a reveal day for you!

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