Instant Pot Freezer Meals eBook

Life can get so busy that it’s hard sometimes to find time to cook dinner. I was tired of feeling the need to get fast food just to feed my family. I created these freezer meals to help us out on busy school nights, to have back up meals on hand and something easy that my family could make while I was out of town.

Instant Pot Freezer meal ebook ipad

Freezer Meals for the Instant Pot eBook:

10 delicious, easy and family friendly meals:

  • Chili
  • BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Coconut Chicken Curry
  • Honey Lime Enchiladas
  • Orange Chicken
  • Ham and Bean Soup
  • Southwest Chicken Quesadillas
  • Dijon Chicken
  • Black Bean Soup
  • Asian Meatballs

Freezer Meal Tips & Tools

Also included in the eBook are tips on how to freeze the meals, what containers are best to use and additional suggested kitchen tools to make your freezer meal prep day as easy as possible.

Instant Pot freezer meals inside containers on counter

Master Shopping List

You’ll find the Master Shopping List ready to print and extremely helpful to make grocery shopping for all of the meals not feel overwhelming!

Printable Labels

Labels with cooking day instructions and also alternative cook method times are included in the eBook. Place the label on the bag, freeze and just follow directions right on bag on cooking day!

Perfect for anyone who’s going to cook the meal such including the babysitter or if you’re gifting the frozen meal to a loved one.

Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free

Recipes have suggested substitutions for those needing to eat gluten/dairy/soy free. You can eat these delicious dinners without sacrificing on taste.

Recipe Photos

At least 2 images of every recipe are included in the eBook because no one wants to make a recipe without seeing a picture first!

Nutritional Info

Every recipe has nutritional information included.

Instant Pot Freezer meal ebook ipad

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