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People are deeply affected by the energy around them and especially within their dwelling. Jennie is trained in Reiki with Angels and energy healing to clear spaces. Energy is everything.

Home Energy Clearing Services:

There are a lot of reasons a space might need energy healing: 

  • To clear the history
  • To clear the furniture and accessories
  • To clear the chakras of a home or building
  • To transmute the energy from chaos to calm. 
  • To change the energy flow in the home or building.
  • To create a sacred space for peaceful and productive activity.
  • To dedicate rooms for specific purposes.

Book an appointment to have your home or building cleared today. Jennie does this service in person (if local) and also remotely.


Upon Scheduling



What Does a Home Energy Clearing Session Look Like?

After booking and scheduling your Home Energy Clearing session, you will receive an email with your private zoom video link for you to join on your scheduled date and time. The call will be recorded for you to download to replay at anytime.

Jennie will discuss your needs, how you feel about your space, if there’s any negative energies, how it’s affecting you, and your desired outcome during your phone call.

If desired, Jennie can also dedicate spaces in your home. Here are examples of what a room dedication may look like:

  • Home office – Abundance, efficiency and productivity
  • Bedroom – Increased rest and restoration
  • Family Room – Connection and unity
  • Kitchen – Health and vitality with healing meals

Jennie will then perform the clearing and dedications. Be prepared with pen and paper if you would like to record any feelings or findings. She’ll inform you about any energies she felt and where, home chakras that needed alignment, and how the dedications were received.

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