Hello! I’m Jennie and I’m so excited to work with you!

I’ve been working with interior styling clients and performing DIY home improvements for over 10 years.

I help women achieve happier lives by transforming their homes into a place where they can thrive. I educate my audience with DIYs and share home design/decor tips.

I also offer intuitive interior design services for my clients using design principles and energetic techniques similar to Feng Shui and Reiki.

Using my intuitive gifts, I am able to create beautiful and energetically healing spaces which help my clients thrive.

Here are some of the things you can expect when we collaborate together:

  • Unique styling services for your home-based products
  • Quality high resolution images and/or videos of your product/brand
  • Beautiful, bright and airy photography
  • Tutorials for home DIY projects and creative uses featuring your brand/product/services
  • With an eye for detail, you can trust that a thorough review of your brand/product/service will be shared with Jenuine Home readers. This can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or my website.

My audience trusts me because of my honesty and vulnerability in whatever I share, as well as my authenticity and my reputation for ingenuity and seeking items that are of the highest quality.

Readers of Jenuine Home:

  • Desire high quality items such as furniture, decor for their homes and lifestyle
  • Love discovering the new and latest trends while creating a home that is affordable and comfortable for their family
  • Look for ways to make home DIY improvements themselves with new products/tools
  • Crave inspiration to create beautiful, functional homes
  • Seek energetic healing spaces

If you feel that this would be a good fit for your brand, please fill out the contact form below and a detailed media kit with partnership information will be emailed to you.

I’m happy to discuss any other ideas that you may have!