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Instant Pot Freezer Meal Supplies

All the Instant pot Freezer meals kitchen supplies you’ll need to make freezer meal prep easy!

Instant Pot freezer meals inside containers on counter

Tools for Freezer Meal Prep

In order to make Instant Pot freezer meal prep go as easily and efficiently as possible, I’ve created this list of suggested kitchen tools and supplies. I want you to have a successful freezer meal prep day!

This list pairs with my Freezer Meals in the Instant Pot eBook. All of the supplies talked about in this eBook can be found in this freezer meal tools post.

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Grocery Pickup or Delivery Services

We now have ability to order GROCERY PICKUP or DELIVERY! It makes the entire freezer meal prep so much easier by having your entire grocery shopping done for you. No more wandering the store, feeling overwhelmed.

The most common one is Walmart grocery pickup.  Did you know that they now offer a delivery service too?

You can also use a service like Insta Cart that can shop at lots of different stores in your area to have it delivered! If you sign up to Insta Cart with my referral links, you’ll get $10 off your first delivery.

Instant Pot

You’ll need an Instant Pot or electric pressure cooker. In the Instant Pot Freezer Meals eBook, I’ve also included suggested cooking times, in case you would like to use your crock pot (slow cooker) instead of the Instant Pot. But primarily, these recipes and methods are for cooking freezer meals for the Instant Pot. Both 6QT and 8QT size work for all of the recipes.

If you are cooking for a smaller household and want to use your 3QT Mini Instant Pot instead, just half the recipes or create two freezer meals out of one recipe!

PS. If you own the Mini 3QT Instant Pot, check out this blog post with all accessories compatible with the Mini!

Instant pot

The most common freezer meal containers are freezer bags. Make sure to use a high quality freezer bag to prevent leaks and freezer burn. You’ll need gallon sized for the meals.

Gallon freezer bags

You’ll need quart sized freezer bags to hold some sauces separately from the meal until cook day.

Quart freezer bags

These silicone freezer bags are a great alternative if wanting save on plastic waste. They are more expensive initially but they have so many additional uses and can be used hundreds of times.

Silicone freezer bags


These large round 96oz containers are awesome for freezing your meal in the shape of the 6QT liner pot. That means you can take the meal right from the freezer to the Instant Pot, after you remove the packaging. No thawing needed. They are only $1 each at the Dollar Tree. The largest recipes will fit in gallon freezer bags and then placed inside the round container. Once frozen, you can remove and use the round container to freeze more meals.

Round 96 0z freezer containers

Freezer meal storage container from Dollar Tree

These smaller 64oz round freezer containers work great for the recipes in the book that are just meat only or are smaller recipes. These fit the Mini 3QT size meals perfectly.

Smaller 64oz round freezer containers for Mini 3QT size or smaller recipes 

While not absolutely necessary, these bag holder clips are truly worth every penny in making meal prep go faster and easier. It holds the bag open for you and you don’t have to manipulate the bag while you have raw chicken hands.
Bag holder clips

You probably already own these but in case you don’t, these measuring cups and spoons are a great choice. I highly recommend using stainless steel with the sizes engraved on them so they don’t get rubbed or washed off over time.

Measuring cups and spoons


A simple manual juicer is needed and I love that this model is stainless steel for a great price.



A zester is so handy to have and also helpful to zest the citrus for the ebook recipes.



You guys! I purchased this food chopper for the development of this Instant Pot Freezer Meals eBook and I LOVE it! My kids love being able to help me out with chopping the veggies. It speeds up the meal prep immensely, especially with chopping up onions and carrots.

Food Chopper


You’re going to need a good cutting board.

Cutting board


For one of the recipes, it suggests using an electric skillet to finish off the meal. I found this ceramic one to be a great option that is PTFE and PFOA free and won’t crack or peel. Plus, it’s large enough to cook multiple things at once!

Large electric skillet


Or you can use a frying pan or skillet you already own. We love using cast iron for frying food.

Stovetop skillet


I love my Mix and Chop. It makes cooking ground meat so easy in the Instant Pot. I can’t live without mine.

Mix and Chop utensil

You’re going to need a large mixing bowl. I like this stainless steel one.

Large mixing bowl


Since we’ll be cooking food from frozen in the Instant Pot from a big block, we’ll need a meat thermometer to check the temperature before eating.

Food Thermometer


Sometimes separation of sauces occurs while pressure cooking. Using an immersion blender helps incorporate it all back together.

Immersion blender


Or you can blend the sauce together with a stand blender


Old school black sharpie pens work the best for hand labeling your freezer meal bags/containers.

Sharpie pen


In the eBook, I also provide pre-made label templates for you to print off using these exact Avery 5164 label size. Just stick them right onto your freezer bag!



Are you feeling a bit more prepared and ready to tackle Instant Pot freezer meal prep? Awesome! Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Freezer Meals for the Instant Pot eBook by clicking the button below.


Instant Pot Freezer meal ebook ipad


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