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Freezer Meals for the Instant Pot

Instant Pot Freezer Meals are easy to make for quick, delicious dinners!

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Easy dinners with Instant Pot Freezer Meals

To be completely honest, I was falling into a complete dinner rut. I wasn’t taking the time to cook at home as much as I should because I allowed my life to get too busy and didn’t prioritize cooking. We were relying on sandwiches, frozen convenience food and fast food more and more for dinner time.

  • I needed easy dinners or it just wasn’t happening.
  • I needed to get our food budget back under control.
  • I needed hands-free cooking so that I could run kids to music lessons and after school sports while dinner was cooking at home.
  • I needed meals that were healthy and delicious to please my picky eaters.

The solution? Freezer meals that you make in advance and then cook in the Instant Pot!

Instant Pot Freezer Meal Recipes

I started creating Instant Pot freezer meal recipes and converting some family favorites into freezer versions. My family was loving having home cooked meals every night again. I loved the peaceful feeling knowing I had dinners ready to go. I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to make each night and whether I had time to cook it. Our food expenses were back within budget. I was SOLD on this new freezer meal prep and easy cooking night method.

I couldn’t wait to share and help others that were struggling with meal times like myself. The Freezer Meals for the Instant Pot eBook was created.

PS. I created this post about everything you’ll need for freezer meal prep to make things even easier and as efficient in the kitchen as possible.

Don’t forget to grab the online master grocery for the freezer meals.



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