brown eggs in Instant Pot Steamer basket with tea towel on white counter

Instant Pot Steamer Basket

brown eggs in Instant Pot Steamer basket with tea towel on white counter

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A Must have Instant Pot Accessory

One of the most common accessories that I use in my Instant Pot is a steamer basket! After trying several different kinds, I finally found my favorite one! This steamer basket fits perfectly inside the 6 quart size (and 8 quart too).

Favorite Uses for the Instant Pot Steamer Basket:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Steam vegetables
  • Making bone broth (holds the carcass and vegetables/herbs inside for easy removal from broth later)
  • Making applesauce and cider (basket holds apples while they cook and juice drains through basket)

How to cook a large batch of eggs with the Instant Pot steamer basket:

  1. Carefully fill basket with eggs, stacking them gently. Place basket in pot and add one cup of water into the pot. Pressure cook on high for 5 minutes. Quick release the pressure by turning the sealing knob to venting.
  2. Lift basket of eggs out and set beside the sink. Drain water from the inner pot. Quickly refill the pot with cold water until pot is no longer hot. Place basket full of eggs back into the pot and fill with cold water, completely covering the eggs. Repeat refilling the water in the pot until the water remains cold with the eggs in the pot.
  3. Keep eggs in cold bath for 5 minutes. If you have ice handy, fill the pot with ice and water. The shock from the cold water on the hot eggs helps aid in peeling and cooling the eggs quickly, stopping the cooking process.

Hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot is the only way to make them! The shells peel off like a dream and you never have to worry about egg whites sticking to the shell again!

Another thing I love about this Instant Pot steamer basket is that it comes with a silicone covered handle on top, making it super easy to lift out of the pot without being too hot to touch. Just lift out the steamer basket!  I also like that this Instant Pot steamer basket has stainless steel legs and not ones padded with silicone. The silicone feet on other steamer baskets tend to collect food debris, making it hard to clean. You won’t have to worry about that problem with this basket with its smooth stainless steel legs and feet.

Cleaning up is a cinch too. I like to spray it upside down under hot water with my faucet spray nozzle to remove any food pieces (like when you steam broccoli).  Using a dish brush and soap, clean with the brush bristles in the mesh to remove any remaining pieces. Spray to rinse. I’ve never had to spend more than a couple of minutes cleaning this steamer basket, which is a lot quicker than some of the others I’ve tried.

This Instant Pot steamer basket is the most used accessory I have. It just makes cooking so much easier! You can find the steamer basket for purchase here.


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