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Instant Pot Quick Cook Chart

Need a free Instant Pot cheat sheet? This Instant Pot cooking times chart lists the most common food items for the electric pressure cooker. Download this free Instant Pot Quick Cook Chart and stick it on your fridge with a magnet so that it’s always nearby!

Instant Pot Quick Cook Chart

Instant Pot Quick Cook Chart

I’ve been needing to make an Instant Pot cheat sheet for myself and my family for ages! So many times I just needed to look up a cook time for something that I almost had memorized but didn’t want to mess up and needed to double check cook times.

Then I would google it on my phone or look it up in a book and 5 min later…or 30 min (if I accidentally got sucked into the internet vortex of distraction) I would finally have the cook time.

Or sometimes, I didn’t agree with the cooking times listed in the official manual for certain foods and I needed to keep track of the cooking times that worked best for my Instant Pots with a cheat sheet.

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So I decided to just crank out an Instant Pot cooking times cheat sheet and make it a printable that I could share with you!

Also, if you love the Instant Pot as much as I do, I bet you would also a enjoy this complete guide on how to clean your Instant Pot, best ways to remove odor from Instant Pot sealing rings, or this tip about safety of pyrex in the Instant Pot. Did you know that you can proof dough in your Instant Pot too?

This Instant Pot Quick Cook Chart includes the most often and common cooked food items, time, pressure and release method. It’s not meant to be comprehensive, just a cheat sheet for the most common cooked foods in the average American household.

Now that all of the cooking times are figured out, all you have to do is print the chart! I like to place the Instant Pot Quick Cook Chart in a clear plastic sheet protector so that it’s easy to wipe splatters/spills off. Because that happens when I’m cooking sometimes.

Stick the Instant Pot cheat sheet on the fridge with a magnet so that it’s always nearby for easy reference.

It’s so easy and convenient that my older kids and hubby can now use the Instant Pot cheat sheet as a guide to help with meals when I’m gone. I call that winning!

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  1. I can’t see the cheat sheet and I keep looking! I’d really love to see a link to it. I don’t think it’s me but it could be!

    1. I’m so sorry! It’s not you, it’s me. I recently changed email providers and this got missed accidentally with the new set up! I will email you a copy of the cheat sheet. Thanks for your patience!

  2. I just got my Instant Pot for Christmas and am still learning . I would love a link to your cheat sheet for it as well.

  3. Please email me you cheat sheet as well. Thank you for sharing so many recipes and cleaning tips!


    1. If you click and fill out the form above, it’s working now! The Quick Cook Chart will be emailed to you immediately!

    1. Did you try entering your email into the form? It will automatically send you the quick cook chart to your inbox!

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