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Non Toxic Electric Tea Kettles

It’s cooling down and I’m ready to drink my daily tea again. I have been wanting an electric tea kettle for awhile and researched a lot to find the best non toxic electric tea kettles with food grade stainless steel interiors with no plastic or silicone touching the water (interior). I was happy to find some cute looking one too! If they’re going to live on my counter, they need to look good and make me happy to look at too.

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Retro Mint Green Electric Tea Kettle

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these two colorful retro mint green and aqua blue electric tea kettles are my favorite non toxic options. Don’t worry, there’s some more neutral options further below. I love that these two electric tea kettles are not only cute but they are non toxic with only food grade 304 stainless steel interior and completely free of any plastic touching the water. (click images to shop)

Non toxic electric tea kettles with no plastic touching

Why is it so important to use electric tea kettles with no plastic touching the interior water even if it’s BPA free?

BPA and the safer BPA free plastic alternatives leach chemicals 55x faster in boiling water conditions compared to room temperature. They just break down faster at such high temperatures. This includes any plastic that is on the underside of the interior lid. Most electric tea kettle models have plastic on underside of the lids, which would still be a problem since condensation builds on the top of the interior kettle and then drip back down into the drinking water, contaminating it.

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Best non toxic electric tea kettles with stainless steel interior

These models are the best plastic free electric kettles with 304 food grade stainless steel interior that are non toxic. They have great reviews and no interior plastic touching water in them. They all have auto-off features, are quick to boil and have a good water capacity for filling more than one cup. (click images to shop)

Are ceramic electric tea kettles safe and non-toxic?

The US FDA has made regulations on ceramics made in the USA prohibiting unsafe levels of lead. However, since most ceramic electric tea kettles are manufactured in China, there is a loop hole where they can be produced in factories and with products that contain unsafe levels of lead that can leach out into water under high boiling temperatures. It’s best to avoid ceramic electric tea kettles as they are not non-toxic.

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Best safe stove top non-toxic tea kettles

If electric tea kettles aren’t your thing and you prefer the more cozy way of boiling your water in a whistling stove top kettle, then you’re in luck! Borosilicate glass and stainless steel are the best non-toxic options for boiling water the old fashioned way in a stove top tea kettle. I would avoid enameled cast iron tea kettles as some models have been known to have high levels of lead and cadmium in the glaze and colorants. (click images below to shop)

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