girl bedroom with bench under window with throw pillows on top. Pink bunkbed, white and blue rug and white toy shelf
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Pink Bunk Bed Room Makeover

It’s been a year since we moved into our Colorado home last September. My youngest has been patiently waiting her turn for her bedroom makeover after all 3 older sisters got their turns. Oddly enough, she’s the first one to get her’s blogged about. Oops!

pink bunk bed girl bedroom with white bedding and floral pillows. White dresser with plant on top.

She REALLY wanted a bright aqua blue or bright mint green color. She would point out any time she saw these vibrant pronounced colors in the store or on clothing that those are the colors she wanted for her room. I knew the shade she wanted would be too potent to live with once all of the walls were painted that color so I showed her some painted samples that were much more muted and she was thrilled.

I forgot to take ‘before’ photos so I took these still clips from a ‘before’ video.

Paint Colors That Go With Off-White Trim

We have another tricky issue in our home with having off-white cream trim. I did not want to do all of the work to paint all of the trim and 3 doors in her room from cream to white. I needed to choose a wall color that goes with off-white trim. I needed to also chose a shade of blue-green paint that didn’t make the cream trim look even MORE yellow.

girl bedroom with mint green walls and desk, shelving and white and blue rug

Behr Brook Green

The paint we chose was Brook Green by Behr. It’s mostly blue with a subtle flirty amount of mint green in certain light that pairs well with the off-white trim. These edited photos are looking more minty green (natural light is mainly from west facing windows). In a north facing room, this color would pull very blue.

gold oval mirror on mint green wall and white dresser with pink lamp

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Bunk Bed Bedding

Next on her wish list has been a bunk bed. She’s been begging me for one for the last 2 years. Bunk beds are perfect for maximizing space in a smaller room but they’re difficult to make the bed on the top bunk. Beddy’s are the perfect solution for this and we’re currently saving for a set of them to use on her bunkbed. The exact white quilts are no longer for sale but we have this white quilt in another bedroom and it’s amazing and so soft!

girl bedroom with pink bunk bed, white dresser, mint walls, blue and white rug and curtains.

Pink Bunk Bed

I found this adorable shimmery mauve pink bunk bed on Facebook Marketplace for $150 and it was the perfect punch of color for my lively, playful, spirited daughter. Check out how to shop the best deals on Facebook Marketplace. I found a link for the exact rose gold bunk bed. Here’s a loft version of the rose gold bunk bed. And I found another cute vintage looking bunk bed in black! The solid wood white dresser is a garage sale find for $50 and I replaced the knobs. Here’s a similar white dresser. Similar pink lamp.

white desk with pink chair in bedroom

Desk Area

The desk was refinished years ago and originally a $40 garage sale find. Similar desk here. The vintage alabaster lamp works well with the trim color in the room. You can find similar look-a-like lamp here. The pink office chair was a random HomeGoods find but I found a similar cute pink desk chair here. Bulletin board is from HomeGoods but similar one here.

Additional Decor Sources

The wool rug is my favorite. It’s amazing quality, cleans well and is thick enough to not buckle under the weight of heavy furniture placed on top (like beds or desks). It used to be in my office in my previous house.

Pillows are a mixture of Home Goods, IKEA and World Market finds that are no longer sold. We love these affordable down inserts (make sure you size up for the down inserts) or these alternative down inserts that stay plump and are karate chop-able.

girl bedroom with bench under window with throw pillows on top. Pink bunkbed, white and blue rug and white toy shelf

Favorite Linen Curtains & Curtain Rods

The emery linen curtains are such beautiful quality. I actually found this 100″ wide x 96″ tall panel in the clearance section at Pottery Barn. I cut them in half and created new seam lines for the cut sides. Now they look like the traditional 50″ wide panels. Another very popular and affordable linen look option are these pinch pleat curtains.

If you have an IKEA near you, then I highly recommend the Ritva curtains for a linen look but make sure to double up the panels on each side for a full look. These brass look curtain rods are my favorite and so affordable! The grey bench can be seen in our primary bedroom makeover in our last home and now looks super cute her new bedroom as a non-DIY window bench seat.

white storage cub shelves with book and barbie toys on it

Best Toy Organizer

The white IKEA Kallax 16 unit shelf holds books, decor and doubles as a Barbie doll house! Here’s an Amazon link for the exact one. Here’s a similar white cube storage organizer in case you don’t have an IKEA nearby (we have some of these exact ones and like them too). These pink fabric cube bins fit perfectly to hide the rest of the toys.

vintage art in wood frames with white mat on mint green walls

Vintage Art for Girl Bedroom

I love using vintage art that you can find for free in the public domain. Read more about using free art in public domain in my living room post. We have these frames all over our house. I love the tone of wood and that the mat is included.

Art Sources:

Bedroom Makeover on a Tight Budget

I’m going to be honest with you, I was embarrassed to share this bedroom makeover. Is the bedroom improved from it’s original condition? Yes. Is my daughter happy with it? Yes!

Is it how I would’ve designed this room if I had a budget for it? No. I would’ve loved to get a gorgeous white wood loft bed (my daughter’s dream bed), new bedding, wallpaper and a new ceiling light.

Truth is, we are experiencing a really tight budget phase right now in our household. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to and knowing that creating a beautiful space for my daughter is vital to her health and happiness and growth. So I get creative to make things possible when there’s no money for a room makeover. I have never let money be the reason why I can’t have a beautiful home ever since I healed myself from post-partum depression.

In order to makeover my daughter’s bedroom on a tight budget, I used what we already had either in our basement storage or taken from another space. I also bought the bunk bed used from Facebook Marketplace ($150) and prints ($12) for the frames. Paint was about $60. That is the only money spent out of pocket for this space. And once I sell the previous 2 twin beds that were in this space, I’ll have only spent $10 out of pocket after all is said and done.

My dear friend Lisa reminded me that I should still share this bedroom because I’m not the only one that wants to make pretty spaces on a tight budget and others would benefit from me sharing.

If you desire to improve your space and are willing to get creative, shop your home, buy thrifted pieces, sell other pieces to help fund your budget, then it is completely possible! Don’t let money be the reason you aren’t living in a place that inspires you, helps you feel rested and just makes you smile every time you are in it.

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  1. Such a beautiful, calm space you created for your daughter. I can’t believe you almost didn’t want to post the makeover of the room because it’s awesome, no matter how much or how little you spent. So creative and thoughtful!

  2. I think the room is beautiful and love that you were able to honor your daughter’s ideas and do it on such a small budget. This is exactly the kind of thing many of us need and love to see! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This pink bunk bed room makeover is simply delightful! The colors are so cheerful, and the design is both practical and fun. It’s a dream come true for kids. Fantastic job!

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