facebook marketplace buying guide image with woman searching on a laptop

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

How to use Facebook Marketplace to get the best deals for furniture, home decor, clothing, children’s toys, autos and more!

facebook marketplace buying guide image with woman searching on a laptop

It’s no secret how much I use Facebook Marketplace to buy things for my home. I often share how I was able to grab an awesome deal on an item I needed. Shopping for quality thrifted furniture on FBMP is something I get so stinking excited about. The thrill of the find, the thrill of the best price, it’s addicting, I tell ya!

Facebook Marketplace is one of my favorite ways:

  • To get the look for less
  • Decorate a home on a budget
  • Find unique pieces that aren’t available in stores
  • Find high quality solid wood furniture
  • Sell items I no longer need to make money to buy things I do need

I’m sharing all you need to know to shop safely on Facebook Marketplace. I’ll share another post soon on how to successfully sell on FBMP.

Facebook Marketplace Buying Guide

This post details the most common asked questions about how to use Facebook Marketplace but you’re going to want to download the FREE Facebook Marketplace Buying Guide to get all of the details:

  • Things I look for to get the best items
  • How to get the prices I want
  • How to get the piece when multiple people are messaging the seller
  • Find unlisted items
  • How to get the FB algorithm to work for me

Click and fill out form below for the FREE Facebook Marketplace Buying Guide.

homepage in facebook marketplace

WHERE TO FIND Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is located within the FB app on your phone or on desktop. This little market icon (circled in red above) is where you find the marketplace. This is what the home screen of FBMP will look like after you click the icon. Start scrolling away and click on anything that interests you.

facebook marketplace search screen


Or click the search spyglass icon at the top and you’ll see this screen. Enter in your desired search word (my preference) or a category. Remember to also search related words to help bring up more options.

setting up an alert using bell icon on facebook marketplace

How to set an alert on Facebook Marketplace

When in the search screen, you will see a bell icon (see red circled bell icon above). This is the alarm or alert. Set the word(s) you would like to trigger the alert, select the price and click ‘CREATE ALERT’ and you’re done! Every time something new is listed with your key search word, you will get a notification when using the app.

FAQ’s on How to Use Facebook Marketplace

How do I purchase on the Marketplace?


  • Most transactions that happen locally will be paid in cash upon pickup of item.
  • Buyers can also ask a seller to hold the item, pay a deposit, or make payment in full using an electronic banking service like Venmo or PayPal. Buyer/sellers work out the preferred payment in their conversation in Facebook messenger. NEVER disclose your credit card or personal banking information.

Shipping (not local)

  • Payments will be made using Facebook’s online payment processor. The listed item will have the listed selling price and the shipping fee in the post. Seller pays any processing fees. Buyer only pays for item price and/or shipping depending on listing. Facebook also protects the buyer’s purchase in case it never arrives in the mail and will not charge the account.

Is it safe to buy stuff on Facebook marketplace?

When you practice common sense, it’s pretty safe to buy stuff on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Check out seller’s profile and ratings.
  • Meet up in a public place and/or bring someone with you if picking up at a home address.
  • Never share your bank account or credit card info.
  • Use FB messenger to communicate with a seller so you can keep your phone number private.
  • If you have a bad feeling about it, don’t buy!

Can I get scammed on Facebook marketplace?

  • I’m not going to say it won’t ever happen but it isn’t common.
  • Paying in cash upon pick up, after inspecting the item helps eliminate any risk of being scammed.
  • FBMP protects your purchase for non local shipping items and you will not get charged if the item never arrives from the seller.
  • Always check out the seller’s profile (click on the pic) and ratings.
  • Report any fraudulent or scammy behavior to FB and they will take action on the seller.
  • Never share your credit card or bank account information.

What is the best way to use Facebook marketplace?

  • Buying items that you want for less than retail prices!
  • Selling stuff you no longer need/want/use to declutter your home or make a little extra cash.
  • If you’re actively looking for something, check the app every day and set up alerts for your search so that you can get notified when something new is listed with your alert search word.
  • To look up comparable items to see what a fair price is for something before listing to sell or buying.

Who pays for shipping on Facebook marketplace?

  • The seller, buyer or Facebook pays for shipping, depending on how the seller marks the item during set up of listing post.
  • It’s most common to see listings where the buyer pays the shipping.
  • If the seller is paying shipping, then the shipping amount will be subtracted from the listing price on their end when they receive payment.
  • Sometimes Facebook offers free shipping promotional periods to help increase transactions since they receive a transaction fee percentage on each sale from the seller. During these times, Facebook pays for the shipping.

How to pay on Facebook Marketplace for items with shipping

  1. Make sure you contact seller first for any questions or for more details about the product before you buy. It isn’t Amazon, you won’t be able to do returns (but you could always list it to sell if it doesn’t fit your needs after it arrives).
  2. Click on listing, select BUY NOW button.
  3. You will be automatically sent to a checkout using Facebook Pay. You can enter in your credit card info here (seller never receives your personal cc information).
  4. OR FB also has the option for you to pay using PayPal. It’s all very streamlined and easy.

What is not allowed on Facebook marketplace?

  • No selling of firearms/weapons
  • No selling animals or listing for adoption
  • No selling services like house cleaning, painting, handyman, etc.
  • Healthcare related items like first aid kits, thermometers, etc.
  • It has to be a physical product

How do ratings work on Marketplace?

  • After you buy an item, you can rate the seller. FB auto sends this rating system to you as soon as you open the app after the seller lists the item as sold.
  • Be honest and leave a rating based upon your experience to help keep the good sellers on FBMP and the bad ones out.
  • Sellers can also rate you as a buyer. So make sure you show up on time for pick up, be kind and pay fairly.

Can I see Facebook marketplace without an account?

No, you will need an account with Facebook to access the marketplace. If you have a friend with an account, you could always ask them to help you shop for you though!

How to get marketplace on facebook on iphone or Android

Download the Facebook app from your phone’s app store. Login or set up a new Facebook account. Then click on the market icon in the bottom portion of your screen while in the Facebook app. And you’re ready to start shopping!


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