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Vision Board: 2020 End of Year Review

Creating vision boards are my favorite way to plan and manifest my dreams for the year. Here’s some vision board inspiration examples from my board last year!

woman in front of window in office

The beginning and ending of each year is a magical time. I start the year with my vision board that I create based upon what I want to feel, accomplish and welcome into my life for that year. I let my intuition guide me through the process and I’m always amazed at how the end result feels magical. You can read more about how to create a vision board for yourself here using the same method I use! Or read last year’s vision board review and how everything came true.

Display the vision board

It’s important that you display your vision board where you can see it often, preferably every day. This helps remind you of your goals as you see it and as you plan out each day or task. It also helps wire our brains for what we want and visualizing ourselves doing these things, which in turn, creates them into reality.

2020 Vision Board

For 2020, I had BIG hopes and dreams. And then, well you-know-what-happened, and the world shut down and life as we know it shifted. I didn’t give up hope and instead decided to continue holding space for my dreams/goals and see how things looked on my vision board vs. how much of it came true in my life for the year. Here’s what my board looked like below.

Starting from upper left corner, let’s review the pictures and how they manifested in 2020.

vision board inspiration images

ICON Live Conference and Mastermind

I have Icon Mastermind Conference on my board. Now, I had already booked my tickets that same week that I posted it on my board, so I knew that was going to happen. And it did! I really wanted to meet Shannan Monson in real life and knowing this was a big conference, I knew I was going to see her on stage but didn’t know for sure if I would actually have some 1 to 1 time with her.

While in Atlanta for the conference, I was recording a video to share about the amazing interior design of the hotel for Instagram and I happened to see her alone in one of the rooms while I filming! I got to chat with her for about 10 minutes and really enjoyed getting to meet her in person and have a connection with her. I also ended up purchasing into her mastermind program for several months, which helped me grow in leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur.


In January of 2020, we had planned and even purchased flights, tickets and hotel reservations for our family’s first ever vacation to Disneyland that summer. We kept it a surprise from the kids and was planning on telling them about 2 weeks before we planned on leaving.

We ended up having to cancel all of our plans because the park was shut down during our reserved time. We never ended up even telling the girls so that they wouldn’t be heartbroken with more discouraging news. That’s why I think it’s hilarious that Mickey covering his eyes was originally meant to represent a surprise to our girls but it ended up also meaning that they never knew and it never happened even though it was planned. So technically, this came true even though it also didn’t.

ALT Summit

I had decided to go to Alt Summit when I discovered Jenny Komenda was going to attend and be a mentor at a special add on event with The Huddle Retreat. Jenny is one of my entrepreneur interior design icons and I wanted to not only meet her but have the opportunity for her to be my business mentor for the event, should I be so lucky. Well, out of all of the coaches I could be paired with, she became my mentor for that event and I was able to get a personal consultation and business audit with her. I could just pinch myself, I was absolutely thrilled! You just know when there are certain teachers meant to be in your life and she is one of them for me.

Gas Range

I wish. This didn’t happen for me this year in my home but I did help a client select this one for her to purchase in her new home! I will have a gas range to cook on someday soon though!

Picture of Eye

I wanted to get Lasik done this year but it didn’t happen financially. However, it is happening in January of 2021 and I made that decision to not buy another supply of contact lenses boxes when mine ran out this month because I’m getting Lasik done!

vision board inspiration images

My Dream House

I didn’t move into my dream house or build it this year. But I did talk about it with my audience when I shared my dream and my why. I know it’s real. I know I will live in it one day.


This was my revenue goal for the year for my business. I didn’t even come close to hitting that number. So technically that didn’t come true this year. But you know what might be true that happened this year? My idea, my product that I’m creating this year that will eventually be worth $125K and more in the future. I’m choosing to look at it from a positive perspective instead of being disappointed that I didn’t reach this number. I’m launching some new things in 2021, that I’ve been working on since October this year, and I’m excited to see where they go next year.

Leopard Print Shoes

I actually found an amazing pair of flats that I bought and were comfortable for my very snobby and sensitive wide feet. I wanted to have more animal print into my wardrobe because I feel its a symbol of female power and strength which is something I wanted to emulate more as a female entrepreneur. I was too shy to wear a top of animal print but the shoes were perfect!

vision board inspiration images

Gardens & Outdoor entertaining/dining

This year we finally finished our backyard and put in grass! We also extended our vegetable garden and created new flower beds. We had no idea that we would be spending so much time in our own backyard this year and are so thankful for our outdoor fire pit and patio that we could dine at as well.

Office Space

Funny thing is, this exact picture ended up being used as inspiration for a reader’s room that she had submitted to me while I was doing Space Solutions on IG during lockdown times. She had this exact window with pitched roof situation and I used this to guide her placement and room layout for her office and family room in this space above her garage. But I also worked a lot on my own office space and ended up switching rooms with my daughter and now it feels right for both of us.

vision board inspiration images


We took a cruise as a family in February, before the world shut down. We were able to go as a family on our first ever family vacation that didn’t include visiting family or camping as our vacation. Being able to see dolphins, sting rays and gorgeous beaches as well as learning about the Mayan culture created such amazing memories for us as a family.


I really felt drawn to put this on my board although I knew it felt improbable that our family would be taking another big vacation in the same year. So even though we didn’t actually go to Hawaii, we started planning our next family vacation and it is to Hawaii (safe travel permitting). So yes, even this became true on my vision board.

Round Dining Table

We needed to replace our dining table or refinish it because the finish was destroyed. I spent a lot of time researching round tables to accommodate our size family and space needs. In the end, we decided that a round table wasn’t best for our space and family size and decided to build a new top to our current table we built 5 years ago.


Ok, this is a crazy manifestation one here. I cut out Oprah from the magazine and before I even glued her on my vision board, I saw a video, randomly as I was up late at night in the Instagram hole, about Oprah and vision boards. I was blown away and watched several episodes about her talking about vision boards and manifestation. It was just one of those, you know this was led to you to watch type of things. Oprah is one of my entrepreneur icons as well. She is the embodiment of following her intuition and big heart to serve in a way that has never been done before. Of making the impossible possible. Of creating lasting impact and goodness with the world. This is how I want to live my life.

vision board inspiration images

Baby Grand Piano

It’s always been my dream to have a grand piano and I will have it in my home some day. This year we didn’t get a new piano but you bet that I played my piano a whole lot more than I have in the previous years! I played the piano for stress release a lot more this year. I also was able to play on an amazing $80k grand piano at a friend’s house this year and found so much joy in playing on such a beautiful instrument.

We also invested in new piano music for me (and my girls) to play this year. Why have I still been playing the same music for the last 20 years without investing in new music for me to learn and enjoy? I feel so silly for waiting so long!


We purchased butterfly larvae and got to watch them grow, turn into chrysalis’ and then spread their wings after emerging! Then we were able to release them outside. This was a very fun thing for us to enjoy as a family.

I also believe butterflies are symbolic of growth and changing from something into something even better. I definitely feel like a butterfly this year. A lot of change and growth for me personally.


No new couches purchased this year but we did rearrange the couch situation. We swapped the basement family room couch with the main living room sectional back in April and enjoyed having a more comfortable couch to sit on in our main living room. But it isn’t big enough to seat all 6 of us, so I’ve been actively couch shopping for the last several months. Still haven’t decided on THE one yet but we do have the money saved up for the purchase as soon as I’m ready.

vision board inspiration images

Sewing Machine

Little did I know what I would be using my sewing machine to sew masks for front line health care workers when I pasted the image of my sewing machine on the board. I also sewed throw pillows, created curtains for my office, repaired clothing, hemmed my daughter’s orchestra dress and more.


My hubby needed a new truck for awhile. His finally died and we ended up needing to buy a new truck to replace it although our original plan was to buy used. Due to the shutdowns, the car manufacturing plants were also shut down and supply was way down for trucks. We ended up buying new and my hubby got the truck of his dreams, something he’s been waiting 8 years for since he finished medical school. It’s even in this color shown (but different make/model).

Paint Brush

I painted my daughter’s room and refinished some furniture this year too. Painting soothes me. Something about the smooth feel of the paint, the immediate transformation from the before color to the new and the method of creating just soothes and calms my soul. I become very “one” with myself when I’m painting.

Joanna Gaines and Texas

I wish I could say that I got to meet Joanna Gaines in person but that didn’t happen. What did happen was an inspired idea this year that I would love to do once the world becomes more normal again. I am going to host a retreat at an Air BnB in Waco, Texas so we can go shopping at Magnolia and visit the other locations Joanna has created. This retreat will also include vintage shopping at Round Top and a class I’ll teach on refinishing furniture. I can’t wait to able to host this event when traveling is more safe!


We grew an amazing vegetable garden this year! Although I had originally planned on clipping this image to represent eating more vegetables, it was two fold because we were able to eat more vegetables because we grew some ourselves!


This didn’t happen due to so many shutdowns. However, it’s still on my plans to do very soon. I already have the initial consult done!

Vision boards Continue to work after the year is over

It’s been 12 days into the new year and you know what? Things are still happening from my vision board for 2020. Don’t think just because the year is up that all is done and over. You’ve created a vision and it will continue to come to fruition until you change your dreams/vision for yourself.

Some examples:

  • For the last several days, I’ve been binging on Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast.
  • I’ve been eating very healthy (Paleo style) since the beginning of the year to help shed some of last year’s stress weight gain. Lots and lots of veggies!
  • We’re actively looking at listings for baby grand pianos on facebook marketplace to replace our current piano which can’t seem to stay in tune. It’s just going to live a basement life until we build our dream home and that’s ok. We have a walkout basement to bring it in!
  • We’re going to order new couches soon!
  • My appointment for a Lasik consultation is scheduled!
  • I’ve just launched my House to Home Membership (which I hope helps to scale my business to $125K this year!)
  • I’ve also joined a monthly CEO School program with Shannan Monson and Suneera Madhani (to also help me reach my goals).
  • We’ve been researching VRBO and AirBnB’s to rent for our family vacation to Hawaii (travel safety permitting).

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