Making a Vision Board that Works

How to create a vision board for your life or career that actually works! The method to accomplish everything on your vision board in one year!

Vision board on a shelf

What is a vision board and how does it work?

To create a vision board simply means that you are identifying the dreams and goals you would like to achieve by placing them in one location such as a poster board that allows you to focus your mental energy towards their realization.

What you put your focus on grows. Visualization has been used for decades in helping athletes and successful entrepreneurs achieve their goals. By constantly replaying this information in your brain, your mind gets to work at noticing all evidence around you and maximizing efforts into making them a reality.

How to create your vision board

Think about what makes you excited to experience in life. Write them down. Don’t judge yourself on what makes your heart sing. Your inner most desires are worthy of you experiencing in your life!

Pinterest is a great place to look if you have been saving things there. Click the images and copy/paste them onto a word document. Resize small enough to fit several images on a paper but large enough to identify what each image is on a larger poster board. Old magazines are also great resource.

Open magazine with scissors

You can use items that symbolize and trigger your dream such as a shoe for running a marathon or a boat for taking a cruise.

Don’t forget to include words or short phrases that represent goals, affirmations or that inspire you. Words are powerful and are very helpful as mantras to repeat to yourself in accomplishing your vision board goals.

Scissors cutting out vision board inspiration from magazines

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Vision Board Supplies

I recommend using a 16×20 size foam core poster board so that you have plenty of room to cut things out and see the images displayed. The foam core makes this board sturdy and easy to move around without damaging it. A regular poster paper will work as well.

Magazines, your own photographs, print outs from the internet, flyers, brochures, ticket stubs or anything that symbolize a goal to you.


Glue stick

Double sided tape works great too

Gluing images onto vision board

Make a Vision Board

Cut out and start gluing the images and words to create your vision board! Don’t overthink the exact placement of everything. Just glue where it would fit best or in a way that looks visually pleasing to you.

Display in a place that you will see daily to make a vision board effective. You can even take a picture of it and use it as a screensaver for your computer or lock screen for your phone!

Vision board on a shelf

Are Vision Boards Effective?

Studies have proven that using visualization can enhance brain and muscle capability. Our brain doesn’t know the video we are playing through our minds isn’t real. If it can think it and visually experience it, the brain will believe that’s truth and create it.

Remove doubts of how these dreams will happen. You don’t need to know the exact way these things will manifest into your life. Physically work towards them in your every day life and/or have the faith that they will happen. Often you’ll find yourself working towards a goal in one direction and another way opens up that makes it a reality. Be flexible with accepting how it will manifest into your life. You don’t need to know the “how”.

Each year I create vision boards and they have come to fruition. My first vision board took the longest to be fulfilled, over the course of 8 years, while my hubby was in medical school. Read how 2020’s vision board came true even, through the pandemic.

The most recent vision board surprised me at how effective it was! Within a week of creating the board, things started showing up in my life. By the end of the year, everything that I had put on my board had been touched upon or completely actualized. It makes me excited to see how next year’s vision board will work out!

Gluing pictures onto board with text overlay

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