Custom wall art sign on mantle shelf with text overlawy
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Easy Wood Letter Art Sign

Create your own custom wall art for your home with this inexpensive, quick and easy wood letter art sign tutorial in less than 10 minutes!

Custom wall art sign on mantle shelf with text overlawy

Creating Custom Art for Decor

This easy wood letter art comes together in less than 10 minutes! I love creating custom decor art that is unique, pretty and is budget friendly.

I made this DIY LOVE art as part of my Valentine’s Day Decor.

Shelf decor

You can see my previous version of this diy wall art decor in this post here as GATHER wood art. As you can see, I love Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper for making decor!

woman hanging a piece of art

Supplies to make this easy wood letter art sign:

You probably already own most of the supplies listed, but in case you don’t, I share links below to supplies you can buy to complete this easy wood décor art.

Since I already had most of the supplies, I only needed to buy the wrapping paper, wood letter cut out and foam board. I used a $1 thrifted frame that I had already painted and glazed prior. 

Supplies for making wall art(This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

I bought my LOVE wood art lettering cut out from Michaels using a coupon, but here are some other similar options from Amazon:

This love wood lettering cut out here

Or this love wood cut out here

Foam board 


Wrapping Paper

Love wood sign art on cutting mat

Frame (use without mat) or use a thrifted frame


X-Acto Knife




Hot Glue Gun


Hot glue sticks (mini to fit gun above)


Spray Adhesive

3M Command Strips (optional)



Wrapping paper, frame and spray adhesive glue


How to make easy wood letter art:

  1. Plug in your hot glue gun.
  2. Using the X-Actor knife, cut the foam board down to size to fit snugly inside the frame. (Omit this step if your foam board is the exact size for the frame.)
  3. Place wrapping under foam board and trace the outline with a pencil. Cut wrapping paper down to size with scissors.
  4. Shake adhesive spray can well. Take foam board outside and spray one side with adhesive.
  5. Quickly bring back inside and place wrapping paper on tacky foam board. Smooth from center to outside edges to remove any bubbles.
  6. Apply hot glue to back of wood letter word. Place word onto wrapping paper in desired location.
  7. Place art board into frame.
  8. Apply 3M command strips to back of frame and hang on the wall. Enjoy your pretty art work!

Wrapping paper, wood letter and hot glue gun   3M command strips on frame

Love wood sign art on cutting mat

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