Boho inspired furniture for home office

Home Office Guide

Everything you need to know about working from home. how to create an office space, supplies needed and what to buy for your home office with all of the guess work done for you! Choose from 5 different styles!

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Working from Home

Do you find yourself working from home due to recent events? You are not alone. So many of you are forced into working from home that weren’t prepared to do so or have a designated space for a home office.

Do you fall into any of these categories?

  • You’re already working from home but need to put time and energy into making an official productive office space.
  • You don’t need an entire home office room but a small but efficient office space, one that you can comfortably spend hours in at a time while working.
  • Your current office is messy, unfinished, and uninspiring. All you can see are things that need to get done which leads to overwhelm.
  • You feel frustrated with the endless amount of options out there. You don’t know where to begin with buying home office furniture, decor and organization systems. You just want someone to tell you what to buy to save you the headache!
  • Your kids are home and you now need to navigate working from home with them.

Home Office Guide

I’ve created a FREE downloadable home office guide to solve these immediate problems affecting your work from home life!

Now that you’re at home all the time, you need the home office situation fixed so you can enjoy your space, feel inspired and be productive at work!

This home office guide will help you create that.

In this guide you will:

  • Identify your home office needs
  • Choose your office location
  • Set up your office
  • Supply your office with essentials
  • Create a healthy work place lifestyle
  • BONUS Cheat Sheets to Buy the Office Look
  • BONUS section for work from home mamas

Buy the Home Office Look

As a FREE bonus, there are 5 completely different designed home office spaces! Choose the room that best suits your taste and buy everything online from the clickable links provided for each home office design!

These pre-designed home office looks take out the guess work and get you the most beautiful and functional office ASAP.

Below is one example of the rooms you’ll see in the guide. This is the Boho inspired Home Office cheat sheet. (clickable links are within the guide)

Boho inspired furniture for home office

Buffalo Print Image from Juniper Print Shop (affiliate link)

Work from Home Moms

Mamas, I haven’t forgotten you! Your kids are home and now working from home just got a bit more tricky to juggle without school or your regular childcare options. Included in the Home Office Guide is a bonus section just for you!

Find helpful tips, tricks and suggested activities for each age group of children that will help you as you navigate working from home in this bonus section.

Good luck. Hang in there. We are all in this together.

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