We’re Moving, Again

“But wait, didn’t you just move from Spokane, WA to Fort Collins, CO?”

Yes and it’s been a hard decision to make.

We left Spokane during the summer of 2021 for a new job in Fort Collins, CO.

Transitioning from a multi-specialty clinic in a hospital setting to this particular private practice meant totally different business models and referral base. My husband went from being a surgical podiatrist, who treated all varieties of foot and ankle needs, to mostly performing toe nail trimming and diabetic wound care at his new job.

While he enjoyed working with a very kind and friendly new office staff, he struggled with knowing that his hard worked for skills were going dormant. He was afraid that he was going to lose his abilities unless he could continue to use them. He sacrificed years of his life in med school and mortgage sized student loans to acquire his training.

Yet he was hesitant to get a new job that would require our family to move again. Our girls were settling into good schools and developing new friendships and he didn’t want to put them through another move so soon after the last move. I kept encouraging him that he needed to do what was best for his career because he spends so much of his daily life at work.

So he started looking for a new job locally, calling the hospitals and other private practices. No one was hiring. He also felt turmoil over leaving his new CO job, not wanting them to suffer since it took them over a year to fill the position prior to him joining them.

I kept urging him to reach out to his buddy from med school, Matt. Matt owned his own successful podiatry practice in Colorado Springs, CO (about 2 hours south of Fort Collins).

Last year, when we came to Fort Collins for the job interview of his current job, we also drove down to Colorado Springs to spend some time with Matt. Matt offered my hubby a job to work with him in his practice. Then my hubby was offered the job in Fort Collins. To our shock, my hubby had two job offers within the same weekend! We spent a lot of time debating which job offer to accept. We were so grateful to have two offers that were both in good locations to raise a family. Ultimately we chose Fort Collins because it felt like Spokane to us.

June 2021 Garden of the Gods on our trip to Colorado Springs, CO for job interviews.

So back to me urging my hubby to talk to Matt. He was hesitant because he knew that Matt had just hired another podiatrist and didn’t think it would even be possible that Matt would have the need or ability to hire another podiatrist. He finally reached out to Matt and to our utter shock, Matt was willing and able to hire my hubby!

There’s more to that story but that part is not ours to share. Suffice it to say it truly was a miracle in the timing for both our family and Matt’s. It finally felt like the relief we’ve been waiting for. We were in shock in God’s perfect timing and in this miracle job offer. My hubby will be able to return working in the capacity he was trained for as a surgeon and podiatrist.

I admit, it’s hard to leave this home after working so hard on painting these kitchen cabinets and finally finishing the kitchen makeover just a year ago.

There’s also confusion as to why God gave us the answer to come to Fort Collins when we could’ve accepted Matt’s first job offer in 2021 when we received the Fort Collins job offer. If God knew we would eventually move to Colorado Springs, why didn’t He send us there directly? Why did we need to have this short time in Fort Collins first?

I don’t know, but there must have been lessons we needed to learn and people we needed to meet by living here in Fort Collins before moving to Colorado Springs.

The relief, peace and love we feel from God with this job offer is so strong and overwhelming that we know somehow everything will work out. This has been hard on our girls, knowing they have to leave their new friends to go to another new school and city again. We also know it will be a blessing for them and our family in the long run.

My hubby didn’t want to leave his current employer without a good replacement for his job position. He really cares for the good people in his office. He did all he could to help, and they found not only one but two wonderful replacements for him. He feels at peace, knowing that his current office will be blessed with his leaving. He’s a kind and non-attention seeking man who wants to do the right thing. Others’ lives are being blessed because of him being who he is and doing what’s right for him and our family.

Hubby starts his new job in March and will live and work in Colorado Springs during the week and commute back to Fort Collins on the weekends to be home with us. We will list the home for sale on the market in March and move the end of May 2023, when the girls finish the school year.

I’ve kept this news to just our family and close friends for the last several months as it still felt too tender to share until now. It’s hard to move. It’s hard to move again shortly after you recently moved. There’s both grief and excitement in this next move. I give myself space to feel both.

The road may be bumpy with unexpected twists and turns. But oh what a ride. Oh the sights we see and friends we meet along the way. It’s a beautiful journey.

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  1. Super excited to watch you do some projects in your next home!! Best wishes as you all start the moving process! So much love as you all grieve the friendships made!💕

  2. Oh friend what an emotional roller coaster…but God’s plan is always good and I’m sure it will be revealed soon! Sad you are moving but also so very excited for you!!!

  3. Yep…i truly believe God places us in paths he wants us to follow and those new friends in our lives….so glad u had the energy to pass through this phase thus so far..

  4. Even though it seems odd that God did not lead you to Colorado Springs from the get go He Always has a plan We do not see. I am happy that you guys have found peace with another move and that you are waiting until the school year ends for the girls.
    I always enjoy the honest and openness you share. I truly feel like I am getting updates from a long lost friend I don’t get to see in person anymore rather than some random stranger I came across on social media 😘 Thanks for all the wonderful tips. I have an entire folder of “saved” ones for future projects 😊🙊

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